Wills for Business Owners

It is especially important to have your Will professionally drafted when you own a business.

Without the correct clauses your family may be forced to sell your business, as without a correctly drafted Will, your Trustees are required by law to diversify investments held in trust.

Small Business Owner

A correctly drafted Will can also save inheritance tax being paid unnecessarily.

Inheritance Tax should be carefully considered when drafting the Will of a business owner. Businesses left on Discretionary Trust may reduce the tax payable and help maximise your children’s inheritance.

Trading Businesses are typically subject to 100% relief from inheritance tax. This tax relief is often inadvertently lost. If a business is left to a spouse who then sells it and banks the proceeds, the tax relief would no longer apply, and inheritance tax will be payable when the surviving spouse dies. A Discretionary Trust included in your Will could be used to preserve the tax relief so the children can benefit from a tax-free inheritance.

Without a well thought through Will in place, the death of a business owner, director or partner of a company can cause unnecessary and complicated problems for the surviving spouse and/or business associates. The Will Writing Service can help to plan for the passing of key persons within a company, ensuring that in the event of death there is an outcome that meets the needs of the business and the family of the deceased.

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